Waterways, Wetlands, and Flood

Client: Auckland Council - Healthy Waters

Role: providing strategic input into implementation of stormwater flood mitigation and water quality programs across the Auckland region. At a project level, providing project management, design review, input into consenting and compliance processes, vesting assets, land acquisitions and transfers. Liaisons with key stakeholders including Mana Whenua.

2017 to present some of key projects:

Flat Bush, Auckland - a large scale development of over 1600 hectares of residential and commercial zoned land.

Drury South Crossing - Large sale industrial commercial residential development at Drury South Auckland with a comprehensive flood management scheme with over 60 hectare of flood management land with channels and wetlands being restored and constructed.


Clevedon Village - Residential development of over 2500 hectares of the law laying land requiring stormwater quality and flood management infrastructure.

Land Development

Residential Subdivisions

CRL Stormwater interactions

Leading HW interfaces with CRL

Quay Street Urban Redevelopment Program

Auckland CBD